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NAIS Global Citizenship Diploma

NAIS GCD LogoAs a school, our aim with this diploma is to inspire our students to think beyond issues within the classroom and develop a holistic and reasonable understanding of what it takes to have a positive impact on the world around us.

For this purpose we have developed the NAIS Global Citizenship Diploma Program (GCD).

This program will run at present for high school students and will result in an internal diploma being issued upon successful completion of the various requirements. By the end of their high school program, students will have developed the knowledge, understanding, values, skills and attitudes that will enable them to consider themselves Global Citizens.

The program consists of three levels of certification, each with different levels of achievement:

– NAIS Global Citizen Diploma (Bronze)

– NAIS Global Citizen Diploma (Silver)

– NAIS Global Citizen Diploma (Gold)

As part of this process learners will create a portfolio of work, both in hardcopy and digitally which the student may use when applying for entrance to tertiary education. This allows students to set themselves apart in the increasingly competitive world of applying for further studies.

While in high school all students will be mentored on meeting these requirements by their mentors, made up of appointed staff supervisors. They themselves will be guided by the management team of the school, made up of the principal and director.

The focus is on quality, not quantity. The learners will have the full four years of high school to achieve the different elements required before they graduate.

For more information on the GCD, please contact the NAIS director.