NAIS is all about children!

Executive Staff

Dr Ken Baucom

Founder, Chairman and CFO 
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Dr Baucom is an American who has been involved in education in Africa for over 35 years. Some years ago he was the founder of a company which at the time had over 30,000 students per year, the largest private education body in Africa. He gave the company over to its users.  He has written numerous school books’, other monographs journal articles, produced educational television, and has served as the global education manager of the De Beers Diamond Corporation and its sister company, the Anglo American Corporation – at the time the worlds largest mining group. He has served as education consultant to Africa’s largest corporations. Also an academic in the United States, Dr. Baucom has taught at Radford University, the University of Hartford, the University of Georgia, the University of South Carolina, and The Citadel, the official military college of the State of South Carolina. In South Africa Dr. Baucom has directed M.A. and Ph.D students in education at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Dr. Baucom is also the founder of several NGOs and of the North American International School in Pretoria, South Africa. In cooperation with industries in Africa, Ken has been involved in setting up 86 schools. Dr. Baucom came to South Africa originally to work with the Institute of Race Relations. He has worked in a number of African countries.


Grant Tate


DSCN1569Over the last 15 years Mr Tate has been a teacher, a coach, a sport director and a principal. He has taught in South African schools, and has taught English as a Second Language in Korea and Taiwan. More than that, Mr Tate has a sports development company that provides physical education and structured sports programs to underprivileged schools. As a true sport enthusiast, Mr Tate also lives out his passion for sport participating in competitive sporting events. Mr Tate is extremely passionate about education and feels privileged to be in a position to contribute positively to a child’s life. Mr Tate has worked with a number of Educational NGOs, bringing education to underprivileged communities.