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Enrollment Process

To simplify the enrollment process we have broken it up into three steps.

Step 1: Documents to Complete

  • Application for Enrollment – includes application agreement
  • Medical History – includes agreement covering medical emergencies
  • Immunization Requirements– includes written proof of immunizations
  • Other Documents to Present -Official records from last school(s) attended, covering 3 years if possible (Not required for preschool)
  • Photocopy of child’s passport identification pages -Photocopy of passport identification pages of parent who signs application. These documents may be sent by mail, fax, or may be personally presented at the school.

Provisional enrollment can be accepted with the presentation of the above documents before the child and parents are in South Africa. Final acceptance is given based on an Enrollment Interview which is held in South Africa, usually in the morning. Parents are normally notified of acceptance at the time of the interview or within the same day.

Step 2:

Once the child is accepted, the parent taking responsibility for payment of fees will meet with the business office for discussion of financial arrangements. At that time all the completed documents should be with the school. Submission of these forms completes the enrollment process.

Later Steps:

After the child has started classes, there will be vision and hearing tests as well as class readiness testing. These tests will be conducted in an informal and non-threatening fashion. Parents may be informed depending on the nature of the results.