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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board’s role is to develop policies on issues that directly relate to the education of the children as well as to provide support to staff, parents, and students.

The Board will consist of nine members including the following officers: Chair, Vice-Chair,and Secretary. The school Director and the President of the Parent-Teacher Organization are automatically on the Board as ex-officio members. Vacant positions are filled by volunteers. If more persons volunteer than there are available seats, then parents will vote to select the Board members. Officers are elected by Board members.

Your involvement is important and is welcomed. At present, being a parent of a NAIS student is the only eligibility requirement to serve on the Board.

The Board meets once every six weeks. The Board will distribute the monthly meeting’s agenda 1 week in advance of the meeting. Parents, teachers, and interested members of the school community can attend the non-confidential portion of Board meetings, if advance notice is given to the Chairperson. Only Board members may be present when confidential issues are discussed.

To keep parents and teachers abreast of general-interest issues, excerpts from approved minutes from Board meetings can be distributed outside the Board if requested, with any confidential matters excised.

It is the Advisory Board policy to maintain an atmosphere of transparency and openness while still preserving confidentiality. In communicating directly with the Advisory Board members, we ask parents to realize that Advisory Board members must refrain from discussing matters of a sensitive, confidential, or unsettled nature outside the Advisory Board forum. If you wish to communicate with the Advisory Board about any such matters, you must make an advance request through the PTO to attend a Advisory Board meeting and to have items placed on the agenda for discussion. The avenue for teacher and parent input and communication with the Advisory Board is the PTO. This avenue should be utilized fully.

The Board advises on hiring of all senior administrators.

You can contact the Advisory Board by sending an e-mail to: